Monday, June 30, 2008

Regarding ticketSimply

For our lovely product ticketSimply, we got a customer Seabird Tourists( They are operating buses from Bangalore to Karwar, Goa etc.,

They are very happy for our product and we got good response from their online agents.
It got launched, and the customers of theirs are very happy for the product.

Hoping for more good customers for our beloved product.. :)

1 year celebrations in Bitlasoft

Officially Bitlasoft has celebrated 1 year completion on June 29th.
We had Black T-shirts with a logo. Its really awesome.
we had a long meeting with our CEO Dashrath Bitla and some of our colleagues with the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE of the company.
we are looking more for the company from our beloved product ticketSimply. :)